14 Elite Learning 2018 Nursing Salary Guide nursing.advanceweb.com Survey methodology The 2018 National Salary Survey for Nursing Professionals was conducted online through a third-party survey administrator during March of 2018. Nursing professionals at all levels of education (LPN, RN, MSN, NP, DNP) took the survey, resulting in 22,003 usable responses with a 95% confidence level. Our target audience included a combined 1.3 million nurse customers/subscribers/readers of Advanceweb.com & EliteCE.com who were emailed a direct link to the salary questions twice during the month of March. The direct link was also accessible to the public through nursing.advanceweb.com. Participants were asked to contribute feedback of their own voli- tion. Respondents were required to answer all applicable questions. Results were downloaded, tabulated, cross referenced and returned with representative charts by a third-party data analyst. Beginning May 1, 2018 results reporting sal- ary averages for major categories can be found on nursing.advanceweb.com. Additional results will be released online over a six-month period and presented as a full salary guide in print and digital book format. n Does your employer pay for or provide Continuing Education? Top 3 States Courses are provided at the facility where I work and they are free to all nurses. Florida Oklahoma Washingon, DC My employer reimburses me for all Continuing Education Courses, but I have to find a provider. Colorado Missouri Utah My employer reimburses me on a case by case basis for courses that I take on my own. Delaware Minnesota Wisconsin My employer reimburses me, but only for State Required Courses. Delaware Hawaii Idaho No - there is no funding or provision for Continuing Education where I work. Michigan North Dakota West Virginia Some courses are offered at the facility, but I have to find a provider for others. Idaho Iowa Wyoming Respondents by state Home State   Alabama 243 Alaska 19 Arizona 168 Arkansas 48 California 1436 Canada 11 Colorado 102 Connecticut 265 Delaware 72 Florida 4330 Georgia 456 Hawaii 32 Idaho 34 Illinois 1045 Indiana 96 Iowa 178 Kansas 207 Kentucky 276 Louisiana 99 Maine 43 Maryland 318 Massachusetts 552 Michigan 784 Minnesota 77 Mississippi 53 Missouri 120 Montana 86 Nebraska 216 Nevada 56 New Hampshire 110 New Jersey 1421 New Mexico 207 New York 671 North Carolina 1457 North Dakota 33 Ohio 1924 Oklahoma 51 Oregon 103 Pennsylvania 1529 Rhode Island 96 South Carolina 296 South Dakota 14 Tennessee 205 Texas 977 Utah 31 Vermont 31 Virginia 372 Washington, DC 21 Washington 627 West Virginia 222 Wisconsin 150 Wyoming 34 Other countries 28 Total Respondents 22032