2 Elite Learning 2018 Nursing Salary Guide nursing.advanceweb.com lowest-paying state, at an average salary of $63,416). Check out our interactive state map to see average full, part time and per diem salaries by state at nursing.advanceweb.com/ nurse-salary/. Average Salary by Job Title Of the 13,038 respondents who offered a specific job title, almost half indicated they were ‘staff nurses.’ For these professionals, the average sal- ary was $73,287, which was 21st out of the 27 job titles we offered. The next-highest percentage of respondents came from nurse practitioners—a total of 1,675 NPs answered the survey. Their average salary was $114,901, good for 3rd out of our 27 options. Nurse anesthetists (60 total respondents) had by far the highest average salary in 2018 at $150,900. Midwives edged out NPs for 2nd place at an average of $115,000 and rounding out the top 5 were Non-nurse admin- istrators/directors/managers in 4th place at $109,947 (188 responses) and nurse midwives (17 responses) at $108,824. In terms of common responses, staff nurses and NPs were the top two most frequent job titles, followed by case managers ($80,749 18th out of 27 job titles), nurse administrators/directors/managers ($101,717; 6th out of 27), and managers/supervisors ($86,838; 12th out of 27 possible answers.) Salaries by Specialty Perhaps the most interesting information in this year’s Salary Survey came from the question about specialty certifications. Respondents were asked for their areas of specialty, and whether or not they had a certification within that specialty. Upon comparing the two groups of responses, we found very encouraging results for certified specialists. Looking at the top-20 specialties, the average salary is 23% higher Top 15 Job Titles listed by total % of response Primary Job Title Avg Salary Staff Nurse 73,287 Nurse Practitioner 114,901 Case Manager 80,749 Administrator / Director / Manager, Nurse 101,717 Manager / Supervisor 86,838 Educator / Faculty / Staff Development 85,496 Nurse Manager 85,049 Clinical Nurse Specialist 88,271 School Nurse 59,716 LPN/LVN 50,995 Administrator / Director / Manager, Non-Nurse 109,947 Nurse Quality Improvement 87,665 Travel Nurse 73,987 Private Practice 58,581 Clinical Coordinator 83,071 Top 10 Job Titles by Salary Primary Job Title Avg Salary Nurse Anesthetist 150,833 Midwife 115,000 Nurse Practitioner 114,901 Administrator / Director / Manager, Non-Nurse 109,947 Nurse Midwife 108,824 Administrator / Director / Manager, Nurse 101,717 Nurse Consultant 99,115 Informatics 98,182 Clinical Administrator 89,474 Clinical Nurse Specialist 88,271 0-5 6-11 16-25 21-40 Over 40 $40,000 $60,000 $80,000 $100,000 $120,000 $140,000 Associates Degree Baccalaureate Degree Doctoral Degree/ DNP/ Other Doctorate Licensed Vocational or Practical Nurse Master’s Degree Salary by # Years Worked & Education Level n Ranked #1 in the Nation Ranked #1 in the Nation Become the nurse you have aspired to be at Helene Fuld College of Nursing For more information about our nursing programs, please call 212-616-7282 or send an email to Allie.Ittoop@helenefuld.edu Industry leader with 70+ years experience providing quality nursing education. Program offerings include: RN to Bachelor of Science Degree Program LPN to RN Associate Degree Program New! Generic BS Program 24 E. 120th St., New York, NY 10035 • www.helenefuld.edu