4 Elite Learning 2018 Nursing Salary Guide nursing.advanceweb.com $77,787—an increase of 36%. However, those practicing with doctorate degrees between ages 21–30, should only expect to see an increase of about 4% by ages 51–60 ($106,217 vs. $110,000). The sample size was larger for pro- fessionals with associate’s degrees, but this suggests that the doctorate degree earns pro- fessionals higher average starting salaries, while those with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees earn higher salaries through experience. Salary Based on Gender The most controversial question related to salary in our society today is that of gender—where men can earn up to 30% more than women in similar job positions. Nursing is both sim- ilar and different—although less than 8% of our respondents were male, they did tend to earn more on average than their female coun- terpart—but not at that 30% level. In terms of overall averages (meaning anyone in any field who answered the survey), male professionals earned about 13% more than women. The statistic stayed largely consistent across differ- ent age groups and levels of education. Nurses actively practicing & licensed in multiple states The majority of nurses do not practice in more than one state but it’s encouraging to note that almost 90% of the respondents who indicated practicing in more than one state answered that they do hold a license in each state. Of states with at least 100 responses, Missouri (32%) and Oregon (25%) had the most nurses with mul- tiple state licenses. Of the 10 states receiving the most responses (listed alphabetically - California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) none of them had greater than 8% of nurses licensed in other states. Regionally, the Northwest (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming) had the greatest num- ber of nurses with licenses in multiple states at 8.76%. SALARY&BENEFITSBYFACILITY TYPE Salary by Practice Setting We offered 28 different practice settings as possible responses on the survey—and had at least 10 nursing professionals select each option! However, that doesn’t mean there was an entirely equal distribution. Of the almost 14,000 professionals who answered this partic- ular question, almost two-thirds of respondents indicated they worked in either an inpatient or outpatient hospital setting. With over 40% of responses, inpatient Salary Based on Age Range Age Associate Degree Baccalaureate Degree Doctoral Degree / DNP / Other Doctorate Licensed Vocational or Practical Nurse Master’s Degree 20-30 57,191 64,611 106,250 43,710 94,667 31-40 67,973 75,879 109,744 49,869 102,930 41-50 73,812 82,732 118,765 53,433 106,586 51-60 77,787 85,330 110,000 54,043 106,809 Over 60 80,019 85,899 111,837 54,148 104,317 Grand Total 75,137 80,793 112,316 52,468 105,386 Salary Based on Gender Gender Associate Degree Baccalaureate Degree Doctoral Degree / DNP / Other Doctorate Licensed Vocational or Practical Nurse Master’s Degree Female 74,491 80,245 110,096 52,208 104,160 Male 82,526 86,634 124,909 56,377 117,277 Nurses Actively Practicing & Licensed in Multiple States Region No Yes Grand Total % multiple Mid-Atlantic 3430 149 3579 4% Midwest 4486 261 4747 5% Northeast 1020 66 1086 6% Northwest 802 77 879 9% South 8806 571 9377 6% West 1926 106 2032 5% We are a beautiful Skilled Nursing Facility located in Long Island, New York (near Hofstra University). Currently looking to hire dedicated, dynamic and energetic nursing staff to join our team. Managerial, RN, LPN and C.N.A positions available Please contact us at jobs@townhouserehab.com (516) 565-1900 x3133