2018 Nursing Salary Guide Elite Learning 5 hospital setting was by far our most common response. On average, these professionals reported earning $83,431 per year, placing them 10th highest out of the 28 options. People working in outpatient facilities, meanwhile, reported a slightly higher average of $89,087 (for 5th out of the 28 categories). Nurses working in a pharmaceutical setting reported by far the highest average salary ($128,571) but this only represents a total of 14 respondents. Of those settings that received more than 1% of total responses, urgent care (207 responses) presented the highest average salary for full-time employees at $94,058. Receiving over 400 responses was our lowest-paying setting, schools, at just a shade over $60,000 per year. Top 10 Salaries by Practice Settings Ordered By Total % of Response Primary Setting Avg Salary Inpatient 83,431 Outpatient 89,097 Home health 73,531 Private Practice 80,742 School 60,124 Academia 87,550 Nursing Home / Assisted Living / Skilled Nursing Care 65,324 Inpatient/Outpatient 93,009 Urgent Care 94,058 Long Term Care 67,293 Top 10 Salaries by Practice Setting Primary Setting Avg Salary Pharmaceutical 128,571 Acute/Sub-Acute setting 97,586 Urgent Care 94,058 Inpatient/Outpatient 93,009 Outpatient 89,097 Academia 87,550 Emergency 86,395 Insurance 86,258 Surgery 85,333 Office 83,629 Salary by Facility Type About half our responses came from either nonprofit health systems or nonprofit independent hospitals. The difference in salaries was negligi- ble between these two categories. Government, receiving about 1,500 responses, fell in the same average salary range (about $85,000 per year) as the first two options. For-profit facilities, on average, paid about $5,000 per year less than their nonprofit counterparts based on our results. Corporate offices were by far the highest-paying facility type, at an average of $109,500—but again, only 40 responses came from this area. School settings, private practices, and long-term care facilities were near or at the bottom of the chart for the 19 different facility types offered. Top 10 Salaries by Facility Type Listed by % of Responses Facility Type Avg Salary Nonprofit Health System 86,077 For-profit Health System 79,863 Nonprofit Independent Hospital 86,372 Government 85,297 For-profit Independent Hospital 82,033 University/College/School 71,099 Private Practice 81,401 Nursing / Skilled Care / Assisted Living / Long Term Facility 67,250 Home Health Agency 67,866 Insurance 87,261 Top 10 Salaries by Facility Type Facility Type Avg Salary Corporate Office 109,500 Insurance 87,261 Nonprofit Independent Hospital 86,372 Nonprofit Health System 86,077 Government 85,297 Clinic 85,270 Remote/Work from Home 82,895 For-profit Independent Hospital 82,033 Hospital - Other 81,800 Private Practice 81,401 Salary by Number of Beds We received a fairly equitable distribution for the categories offered and almost without fail average salaries increased accordingly with the num- ber of beds. Nurses in facilities with fewer than 50 beds had an average salary of $77,004, then a slight downtick to $74,870 for those in facilities between 51–100 beds. From that point, each level saw a gradual increase, topping out at an average of $90,784 per year for those working in facili- ties with 501+ beds. Interestingly, the most responses in a single category was 501+ beds, indicated by almost 1,800 people. # Beds in Facility Avg Salary by # Beds in Facility Fewer than 50 77,004 50-100 74,870 101-200 79,617 201-300 85,791 301-400 89,447 401-500 90,108 More than 500 90,784