MIKE GALBAN/ISTOCK HEALTHCARE CAREERS 2018  |  COVER STORY Interview advice told through the horror stories of your peers and colleagues By Rob Senior I f you’re reading this at work, or on the train on the way to work…or if you just got home from work— congratulations! Clearly, you’ve had a job interview experience that went well or at least went according to plan. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have hired you! But this story isn’t about you. This story is about the opposite experience—one that, unfortunately, if your career lasts long enough, you may have to endure as well. This story is about those job interviews that don’t go well—at all. Whether you were unprepared, unqualified for the position, or even if you just encountered the most intimidating interviewer of all time—here are some tips to avoid nightmare job interviews, told by people who’ve lived to tell their own horror stories. DON’T LIE—BUT DON’T BE TOO HONEST TIP #1 Let’s be upfront—a lot of these tips might seem like no-brainers, and this first one seems especially obvious. But we all know someone who lost out on a position due in part to overstating their qualifications, exaggerating their experience level, or just flat-out making up references or previous job titles. www.advanceweb.com | HEALTHCARE CAREERS | 2018 11