www.advanceweb.com | HEALTHCARE CAREERS | 2018 13 HEALTHCARE CAREERS 2018  |  COVER STORY she had: I was so excited to interview for my first posi- tion as a nurse educator in a community col- lege. I was confident, having my resume and teaching portfolio in perfect order, and a history of positive outcomes for past interviews. I had this, I knew I had this! I dressed conservatively and wore just a touch of makeup, which included lipstick and a little color on my cheeks. I was ready. I pro- ceeded to the interview, nervous but excited and confident. I was called in and began my interview with the Dean. Immediately, I felt uncomfortable about her demeanor. The way she was looking at me seemed odd. The interview was very brief. When I went home, my husband looked like he was going to burst out laughing. He said, “look in the mirror!” I had two circles of pink on my cheeks; I hadn’t blended my blush and I looked like a clown. I did not get the position. Please check your makeup before your interview; how you look is an indicator of what people believe you are like. Don’t be a clown! TIP #5: HOPE THAT LUCK IS ON YOUR SIDE! TIP #5 Sometimes, it’s just not your day. You’re prepared, you’re ready to answer questions about your employment history, you’ve arrived well ahead of the scheduled time…and everything still goes wrong. Debbie R. knows your pain: I showed up to an interview in the summer wearing a beautiful white blouse and pale blue sweater. I was early for the interview and exhausted from working the previous night. I stopped at a coffee shop for a little pick-me-up. About 10 minutes before the interview I left the coffee shop, headed to the interview. As I opened the door of the shop, I bumped into someone carrying a dark iced coffee. Naturally, the coffee spilled down the front of my shirt. There was no time to change or even fix the stain. I ended up wearing a horribly stained shirt to my interview. I was completely flustered and distracted. Obviously, I did not get the job. Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be, as Debbie’s story proves. The good news is, as we said in the beginning, for every person you meet who’s currently in a job, or for every job you’ve heldtothispointinyourcareer—there’saninter- viewsuccessstory.Keepthefaithandremember, itcouldalwaysbeworse!Goodluck! n Rob has 15 years of experience writing and editing for healthcare. He previously worked for ADVANCE from 2002 to 2012. Discover why health professionals choose Elite CE Elite is a comprehensive online learning destination designed for professionals to get more out of continuing education. Elite Continuing Education Our convenient state- specic packages take the guess work out of selecting CE that meets state requirements. Convenience Receive your certicate immediately upon course completion Instant Certication We constantly refresh our courses and add new topics to our vast selection, to keep you current and up to speed. Relevant Courses As a leader in education, trusted by 350,000+ professionals annually, our courses receive on average 4.6 out of 5 stars. Top-notch CE ELITECME.COM AC_Elite_HP.indd 1 5/3/18 9:46 AM