www.advanceweb.com | HEALTHCARE CAREERS | 2018 25 HEALTHCARE CAREERS 2018  |  CONTINUING EDUCATION H ave you noticed the many initials after someone’s name — including mine? You may not recognize what these credentials are, but the importance of advanced training, especially if it leads to a professional credential, is crucial. If your goal is to advance in your career, then yes, you do need another credential. You have already invested in the education required for your certification and/or license. A state board may regulate your profession, requiring you to earn a certain number of continuing education credits. An employer may require that you attend in-service train- ing sessions or additional required education. Is all of this additional training necessary? Yes. The main purpose of additional training is to ensure that healthcare professionals are competent to practice in their specific fields. Take advantage of what you may see as a nui- sance, and use it to your advantage. Employers hire the best person for the job. They look for team members who excel in their respective fields. One way to get the attention of management is to not only com- plete required training, but also to search out courses of study that also lead to a profes- sional credential. There are many benefits to attaining cre- dentials, but the most important to you is job advancement and security. Make sure you ISTOCK DOES CONTINUING EDUCATION ‘PAY’? Jon Harol, vice president of Lighthouse Recruiting, is on the “yes” side of that inquiry. “In my opinion advanced training that is accompanied by a certificate or license is usually well worth the time and money invested,” he said. “It will typically pay off in increased pay, a promotion or a new job with greater responsibility. The healthcare environment is drawn to people with paperwork — degrees, certificates or licenses — because they work in positions in which they have patients’ lives in their hands, directly or indirectly. Employers can’t take employ- ees simply ‘at their word’ to perform tasks that could have implications on a patient’s health outcome.” Do You Really Need Another Credential? Advanced training can be crucial to career development By Dayne DuVall, LMT, CAEd, CRTS KIDZ THERAPY SERVICES, PLLC PHYSICALTHERAPISTS, OCCUPATIONALTHERAPISTSand SPEECHLANGUAGEPATHOLOGISTS Nassau/Suffolk • New Full-time/Part-time Clinic and School District Positions • EI, Preschool, School-based Independent Contractor Positions • State-of-the-Art Sensory Gym and Equipment • Excellent benefits for full-time employees • Supervision and Professional Development Available • New GradsWelcome Contact: Humanresources@Kidztherapy.com or Phone: 516-747-9030 (Nassau) or 631-382-7311 (Suffolk) Fax: 516-877-0998 (Nassau) or 631-382-7399 (Suffolk) Equal Opportunity Employer AC-1830002_JM_KidzTherapy.indd 1 3/16/18 10:48 A CREDENTIAL Continued on page 32