30 HEALTHCARE CAREERS | 2018 | www.advanceweb.com Y ou’ve invested years in training and education and obtained the clinical and technical skills required for the job. Now, you’re on the team or looking for your next position, all the while won- dering what it takes to really become a success. This is when “soft skills,” also known as “personality skills,” come into play. These skills influence how you work and communicate with other people, including patients, peers and management, and can make a big difference in advancement opportunities and the long-term outcome of your career. Though the range of soft skills is quite extensive, we have compiled a core set that are vital in most healthcare professions. STRONG COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL SKILLS The ability to communicate effectively is arguably one of the most important skills in any workplace, but is particularly relevant in the healthcare field. Communicating with patients requires you to both lis- ten attentively and explain clearly and effectively. Communicating well with team members and fellow colleagues leads to successful collabora- tion. Having strong interpersonal skills will allow you to work well with the variety of people you will encounter in the healthcare field. EMOTIONAL STABILITY It is important to properly handle your emotions so they do not inter- fere with your work, especially when it is common to interact with sick people who are in pain on a daily basis. Exemplifying a positive out- look and enthusiasm for your job will help you deliver the best care to your patients. There may be situations when you must relate bad news to patients or family members, and expressing empathy makes a big difference. FLEXIBILITY Healthcare professionals are often required to work overtime, holi- days, weekends, or late and overnight shifts. Being flexible will help you adapt to this type of lifestyle and schedule. The healthcare field is also constantly changing. It is important to be aware of the developments in your field from the latest advancements in technology to basic changes in hand washing that impact infection control. Stay up to date and to IMPORTANT ‘SOFT SKILLS’ NEEDED TO ADVANCE AS A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL Developing more than clinical and technical skills is an integral factor for long-term success By ADVANCE Staff ADVANCEMENT  |  HEALTHCARE CAREERS 2018 ISTCOK ISTCOK