www.advanceweb.com | HEALTHCARE CAREERS | 2018 31 HEALTHCARE CAREERS 2018  |  ADVANCEMENT adapt to those changes as necessary to ensure you are delivering high-quality care. STRONG WORK ETHIC AND TIME MANAGEMENT Long shifts, the occasional overloaded schedule, and having to manage multiple patients at once requires solid work ethic and time-management skills. Demonstrating integrity in all aspects of your career can make a big difference in how you are perceived by your coworkers as well as the people relying on your care. ABILITY TO DEAL WITH PRESSURE Employers are looking for people who can perform their job well under pressure, as this is bound to be a part of working in the health- care field. Having the ability to make sound decisions in a crisis and to act with precision and care in the midst of turmoil can absolutely separate you from your peers. SELF-CONFIDENCE Patients and managers need to know that they can trust you; if you don’t have confidence in yourself, they won’t feel confident about you either. Trust your extensive training and the hours of work that you have invested in your career. But if you really don’t know the answer, don’t fake it. Let people know that you are invested in a suc- cessful outcome and that you care enough to do the work and find the answers or that you will find someone else who knows them. ABILITY TO DEAL WITH CRITICISM You will most likely encounter criticism at some point in your career, whether from a superior or patient. In any situation, whether it is dealing with a difficult patient or a finicky co-worker, it is necessary to maintain and exude a positive attitude. If receiving negative feed- back from a superior, look at it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve your work. You can’t grow if you are unwilling to learn and change. ATTENTION TO DETAIL Within a healthcare setting, it is necessary to pay attention to even the smallest detail. Administering drugs, performing surgery, completing paperwork and simply listening closely to your patients all require com- plete focus and intentionality. In this case, a person’s life often depends onit,sopayingattentiontothedetailscanmakethedifferencebetween simplygettingajobdoneanddoingajobexceptionallywell. In summary, it helps to conduct an honest evaluation to assess the skills you already have and those that need improvement. Talk with someone you trust who can point out your strengths and weaknesses and tell them not to hold back. You can also try a pro- fessional personality assessment test or look into joining a profes- sional organization that will allow you to develop any of the core skills you may be lacking. When interviewing, remember to empha- size your strengths, as well as a willingness to learn and grow in your profession, as this may set you apart from other candidates. Even if you’ve been in your position for a number of years, it never hurts to identify or be aware of areas in need of improvement! n Ranked #1 in the Nation CLIMB THE CAREER LADDER TO SUCCESS Upcoming Open Houses: LPN to RN RN to BS June 14th at 1pm July 9th at 11am August 6th at 1pm June 11th at 11am To register, please contact Allie Ittoop at 212-616-7282 or Allie.Ittoop@helenefuld.edu 24 East 120th St., New York, NY 212-616-7282 www.HeleneFuld.edu Ranked #1 for producing the highest-paid graduates F RN TO Bachelor of Science Degree Program LPN to RN Associate Degree Program Instant Decision Days Bring in your transcripts and license and our advisors will grant you provisional acceptance into the RN to BS program the same day. Application fee will be waived for those who apply for September 2018 admission at these 2 events! July 12th at 11am August 9th at 1pm Ever wonder what makes a hospital special– what truly sets it apart? We think we know. We see it in Skilled Nursing, where young hands meet the old. We see it in ER and soft hands comfort the rough. We see it in OB as capable hands touch the tiny - for the very rst time. We see it in smiles, in tears, in laughter and in pain. But most of all, we see it in the hands of those who work here - the welcoming, wonderful hands of our Humboldt General Hospital family. If you’re looking to nally practice in a place where curing and caring go hand in hand, look no further than Humboldt General Hospital. We offer a competitive salary DOE; excellent benets including Public Employees Retirement System, group health insurance, accrued PTO and sick leave, and no state income tax. Discover a great place to live and work, 74 miles from Oregon border and three hours from Lake Tahoe. Modern rural 52-bed facility in Northern Nevada. Mail, fax, or email resume to: HR, Humboldt General Hospital 118 E. Haskell St, Winnemucca NV 89445 Ph: 775-623-5222 Fax: 775-623-5904 Email: rose@hghospital.org EOE Welcome home... and hurry. We could use a hand. Humboldt General Hospital is seeking the following full- time positions: Medical Technologist • Paramedic • Surgical Tech • Registered Nurses - Med/Surg/ICU, OB, ER, Surgery • Certied Nursing Assistant AC-1517001 DB Humboldt.indd 1 4/24/18 2:47 PM