A s many of you know by now, ADVANCE Healthcare is now part of Elite Learning, a leading provider of continuing education for healthcare profes- sionals. Our mission is to become your online destination for content, career, and continuing education resources, serving the entire com- munity by guiding you through your career life cycle whether you’re a new grad looking for your first job, or approaching retirement with a lasting passion for the profession.   WHY ELITE LEARNING? Continuing your education is more import- ant than ever, and not just for general career development or advancement. The fact is that technology, critical life-saving techniques and procedures, as well as patient care practices and disaster planning evolve at the speed of light. If healthcare professionals don’t keep up with the changing times, lives can be placed at risk. Couple that with the implementation and ever-growing focus on population health man- agement, and we see that the role of the health- care professional has drastically transitioned to one that now focuses heavily on disease prevention in addition to healing. Today it is even more important to do every job correctly the first time in hopes of avoiding the dreaded prospect of patient readmission. If you chose healthcare as a profession, you likely did so with the knowledge that your edu- cation would never be complete. Staying up to date and ahead of the curve in this industry is a lifelong process. But there’s always some- thing to learn, which is why we’re here to help. Together, ADVANCE and Elite hope to inspire you, our readers, every day with inter- esting news, articles that impact your life, solid career advice, and the highest quality continu- ing education courses on the market. It’s our goal to motivate and challenge you to become the lifelong learner that healthcare needs you to be. If you want to know a bit more about our courses, content and career resources, please take a minute to visit us at EliteCME.com or go to Advanceweb.com and sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter. We welcome the opportunity to make you part of our growing healthcare community. Maria Senior msenior@advanceweb.com Editor, Healthcare Careers 2018 ADVANCE HEALTHCARE & ELITE LEARNING EDITORIAL  |  HEALTHCARE CAREERS 2018 Nurses — We Thank You* Nurses throughout history have made the largest contribution to society. All people have a reason to thank nurses. Even if they haven’t gotten sick, or injured, I bet a family member or friend has. People never say nurses save lives, only doctors. But nurses can catch many little things, that doctors can’t. We the people of ADVANCE Healthcare, understand the struggles and the amount of stress that you put in to save lives every day. You are always on task until your patient is cured. You go through many years of schooling and put other people’s lives before yours. We appreciate your time and the effort put in each day to help others in need. —Katrina Senior, Age 11 *Full disclosure: My 11-year-old daughter came in for Bring Your Child to Work Day. She asked if she could write an article. I liked her perspective and don’t know that it could be said much better, so we printed it. — Maria Senior, Director, ADVANCE 8 HEALTHCARE CAREERS | 2018 | www.advanceweb.com