With Spring Arbor University’s online MSN, you don’t have to quit working to advance your degree. Take part in the dynamic changes occuring in nursing, by earning a credential that will bring new career opportunities and help you lead change in healthcare. Position yourself for leadership with your specialty of choice: • MSN-Nurse Practitioner (2 tracks: FNP and AGNP, Primary Care) • MSN-Education • MSN/MBA Dual Degree Not authorized to residents in: DC, ND, SD, OR, AL, AZ, LA, MA, NY  Most coursework is online with no mandatory login times so you can work around your shifts  No GMAT/GRE so you can apply sooner  Take just one course at at time online (with the exception of clinicals in your area and residency)  Small class sizes of 25 or less to allow the personal attention you need  You receive a dedicated Student Success Coach to help and guide you from your first day all the way until graduation Designed for Working Nurses US NEWS LEARN MORE AT SAU.ONLINE.ARBOR.EDU/MSN And “Best Value College” - U.S. News & World Report BEST COLLEGE A TOP-RANKED MSN ONE COURSE AT A TIME