b'MANAGEMENT |ISTOCKPros & Cons of Management in HealthcareConsidering a job in nursing management?There are several factors youll want to consider before signing on the dotted line. By Krystina Ostermeyer RN, BSN, CDEA LOSS OF DIRECT PATIENT CARE responsibilities away from your patient assign- may not be available when you need them as Y ouve built your entire career perform- ment to the quality of care administered by themanagement schedules tend to vary.ing direct patient carewhether youstaff on your unit or clinic, as well as ensuring work at the bedside or in a clinic, youthat resources are utilized efficiently. SCHEDULEspend your days taking care of your patients,A managers schedule tends to go above whether it be administering medications,NEW PEER GROUP 40 hours per week, especially in the initial giving bed baths, obtaining vital signs, per- Youll have a new peer group.Before workingtraining period.According to The Sentinel forming assignments, and even occasionallyin management, you had your fellow nursesWatch, new managers tend to go above 40 cleaning up the dreaded code brown.As aas supportand these nurses were aroundhours while in a new role due to learning nurse manager, you wont be doing thatatto offer guidance when the needs arose. the following: the specific line items in the least not on a regular basis. As a nurse manager, your peer group will bejob description, the network of people who Giving up direct patient care will shift yourother nurse managers.These nurse managersare important to your ability to manage 12 HEALTHCARE CAREERS|2019| www.elitecme.com'