b'|MANAGEMENTyour unit, the acquisition of management skills and knowledge. difficult to excel in this position.Fortunately, the schedule is also a benefit.As a nurse manager, youll have more control of your time and how you use it.Much of the time, aRESOURCESnurse manager has flexibility with her hours. Morgan, L.A. Nurse manager requirements.Retrieved from https://work.chron.com/nurse-manager-requirements-14606.htmlIMPACT ON PATIENT CAREManagers who have great ideas about how to impact patient careNelson, B.(2010, April 26).Becoming a nurse managerare the can have a large impact on their patients, as well as on their staff. benefits worth the costs?Retrieved from https://www.american-If you are a new nurse manager who has a fresh idea on how tosentinel.edu/blog/2010/04/26/becoming-a-nurse-manager-are-the-improve patient care, you may just have the traction necessary tobenefits-worth-the-costs/improve patient careand you will have a greater impact on patient care in your new role by having more power to implement your ideas. Payscale.(2019, May 19).Average nursing manager salary.Retrieved from https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Nursing_Manager/SALARY SalarynSalary of nurse managers vary by institution, as well as role. However, according to Payscale, the average nurse manager makesKrystina is a 30-something RN, BSN, CDE who has worked in a vari-approximately $83,527 per year. ety of nursing disciplines, from telemetry to allergy/immunotherapy to Nurse managers can expect to make more in certain specialties, suchmost recently, diabetes education.She is also a writer and has enjoyed as Intensive Care, Emergency, and Telemetry.The average increases byexpanding her writing career over the past several years. She balances 9% by late-career, and is 11% less as an entry-level nurse manager. her careers as a nurse and a writer with being a wife and a mother.She has a four year old son who is an inquisitive, energetic little guy who is DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A NURSING MANAGER? up for anything.She also enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, baking, and If you want to pursue a career as a nursing manager, you shouldyoga (both practicing and teaching).possess the following:Education: the minimum education required for a nursing managerEver wonder what makes a hospital specialwill be dependent on your organization requirements.Many facilitieswhat truly sets it apart?require a BSN degree in order to become a manager, while others willWe think we know. We see it in Skilled Nursing, where allow an experienced RN to assume the role of management.However,young hands meet the old. We see it in ER and soft hands as more facilities pursue Magnet status, holding a BSN degree will becomfort the rough. We see it in OB as capable hands touch necessary as management is required to have a BSN degree in a Magnetthe tiny - for the very first time. We see it in smiles, in tears, hospital. in laughter and in pain. But most of all, we see it in the hands of those who work here - the welcoming, wonderful Experience: the minimum experiences required for a nursing managerhands of our Humboldt General Hospital family.will be dependent on your organization requirements.Many facilitiesIf youre looking to finally practice in a place where curing require two years of experience, while some facilities require up to fiveand caring go hand in hand, look no further than Humboldt years of experience. General Hospital.Certification: not necessarily a requirement, obtaining the CertifiedWelcome home. and hurry. We could use a hand.Nurse Manager and Leader credential (CNM) helps to validate knowl- Humboldt General Hospital is seeking the following full-edge.According to Chron, in order to qualify for CNM, one of thetime positions:requirements must be met: a minimum of a bachelors degree in nurs- Medical TechnologistParamedic ing and two years of experience as a nurse manager; a bachelors degreeSurgical TechRegistered Nurses - Med/Surg/in a non-nursing discipline and three years of experience as a nurseICU, Surgery, LTC/Memory CareCertified manager; or an associates degree and five years of experience as aNursing AssistantRespiratory Therapistnurse manager. Every candidate must have a valid, unrestricted nurs- We offer a competitive salary DOE; excellent benefits including ing license. Public Employees Retirement System, group health insurance, Skills: in addition to having nursing skills, the nursing manager shouldaccrued PTO and sick leave, and no state income tax. Discover also have excellent communication skills as this staff member commu- a great place to live and work, 74 miles from Oregon border and nicates with many members of the healthcare team.She should also bethree hours from Lake Tahoe. Modern rural 52-bed facility in able to create a budget and prepare budget reports, monitor supplies,Northern Nevada. EOEtrain staff, coach staff who need improvement, create schedules, andMail, fax, or email resume to:interview for open positions. HR, Humboldt General HospitalKnowledge: nursing managers should be nurses who excelled as staff118 E. Haskell St, Winnemucca NV89445nurses.They should also have knowledge of business, financial, andPh: 775-623-5222Fax: 775-623-5904administration principles.Without this baseline knowledge, it will beEmail: rose @ hghospital.orgwww.elitecme.com |2019| HEALTHCARE CAREERS 13'