b'|SPECIALTIESday in the wrong specialty? What if you workin your job can be a frightening experience. on a Geriatric unit but in your heart, you know Every duty andThe best place to start is with a timeout, fol-you belong in Intensive Care? Suppose youspecialization in thelowed by some thoughtful planning. Talk to a long to be with neonates, but your OB rotationcareer counselor at your nearest community in school was decades ago? Are you, as manyhealthcare industrycollege if possible. Discuss your educational nurses believe, forever pigeonholed into thebackground and your current skillset. What unit/specialty you selected as you began yourdemands a different setdo you absolutely love about your current nursing career? work environment? What would you keep if Of course not. Switching specialties mayof skills and personalityyou could? Where do you see yourself work-require a bit of finesse, but it is within thetraits. Nurses need toing in five years, or ten? What are your salary realm of possibility. The first step would berequirements? Once you know the answers to to select an area of interest. Is there a needunderstand what specialthese questions, you have a roadmap to follow. for nurses in that specialty? A few positionsA career counselor may be able to point you in may interest you but could be totally apartskills they possess and howa direction of immense need where scholar-from your current skill level, target income,ship funding is available and waiting, particu-educational background, IT abilities, etc.they might want to spendlarly if moving is an option. 5Nurses interested in areas of vast need, such asup to 8-12 hours a dayOh, and our friend Ellen? She decided she Behavioral Health, Pediatrics, Prosthetics, orwanted to become a Nurse Practitioner and Travel may even be reimbursed when enteringcontributing to a career. work in an area of exceptional need. She did these fields. 1 that. Along the way, she published the work Suppose Ellen walked into work that morn- that had been completed by her Department ing and acted on her sense of anxiety, inform- tivated her. Soon, she found herself visitingon pain. Who could have known it would be ing her supervisor she was unhappy in her role.patients on pain rounds with an advancedinitiated by realizing she was in the wrong Would that be the correct plan of action? practice nurse. As she observed the nurse dis- specialty?Most nurses know those feelings couldcussing complex pain needs with patients,It happens. It could be the best realization of wax and wane. We wait. When you first real- she noted the collaboration and sense ofyour career. nize that you may want to make a career 180,trust established between the two. She also try to avoid the following common reactionsnoted the sense of autonomy from the NurseDiane Goodman, RN, MSN-C, CCRN, CNRN, and learn to look at the situation in a new light.Practitioner.is a semi-retired Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, The typical reactions include a mixture of fearAlthough Ellen had never considered goingwith over 40 years of full-time nursing expe-(panic), desperation, and discouragement. Thisback to school, or thought about becomingrience. Although she no longer works full-time certainly happened with Ellen. She began toan NP, she found herself intrigued. Was thisas a Clinical Educator, she has maintained an wonder if nursing was even the right fit for her.the career path she wanted? Again, withoutactive status as a Nursing Journalist & consul-Instead of calling quits on the whole idea andunderstanding the process, Ellen was watchingtant during the last few years, writing and collab-deciding to start a bakeshop, she waitedandand observing, interacting at a level where sheorating with nurses around the globe.watched the bulletin board at work. It wasntcould realistically observe a role before making long before she saw a Committee opening thata life-altering decision for herself. REFERENCESexcited her. 4 Although Ellen found a fascinating new skill1. Floridacareercollege.com Why the The Home Health Department had manyto potentially assist her transition while work- Healthcare Field Is A Great Career Choice. patients with acute and chronic pain. Rathering in her own department, many nurses findStudent Consumer Info., March 01, 2017.than asking for a possible transition to acutetheir career does not follow a linear path. In2. Healthcareers.com How to Choose a care, Ellen realized she needed to gain skills infact, although 95% of nurses state they werehealthcare Career That Perfectly Fits You. pain assessment. Beefing up her portfolio withglad they became nurses, 20% expressed aNov. 2, 2010, Teodoro, C. Juno Healthcare.new skills might be an excellent way to net- desire to have chosen a different career path3. Healthgrad.com 8 Career Change Options work with nurses from the hospital while alsoentirely. Nurses find that with a bit of refine- for Nurses that Pay Well. Turley, R. Career working on topics of patient care she adored.ment, their skills can transition into adjuvantData.Without understanding the process, Ellen wasfields, such as Physical Therapy aides, Clinical4. Themuse.com What to do When You doing exactly what she needed to transitionSocial Work, Health Education, or CorporateRealize Youre in the Wrong Career. Wolf, to a new specialty: networking and obtainingWellness Consultation. Nurses tend to believeK. Career Paths.new skills. they are stuck, when their skills could suc- 5. Verywellmind.com 6 Things to Consider The Home Health Pain Committee was acessfully meld into dozens of related careers. 3 Before Choosing a Health Career. Santiago, runaway success. Ellen found a topic that cap- Waking up and finding yourself a bad fitA. Updated April 21, 2018.www.elitecme.com |2019| HEALTHCARE CAREERS 15'