b'MANAGEMENT|ISTOCKMore Than Millenials first-time job, but we are ultimately looking for a challenge and longing for more. If they do not like what they are doing or where they are Todays younger healthcare professionals may notworking, they will not feel shy when it comes to looking for a better opportunity elsewhere.be comfortable with some of the labels attributedToday, one of the trending benefits that to them. What should managers know aboutreceives a lot of focus among this age group is the opportunity to enjoy a work-life balancecultivating relationships? By Joe Darrah and they are not afraid to ask for it and expect it to be an ongoing commodity. To older gen-erations, this may be an inherently unfathom-K aitlyn Cacciola, BSN, RN, bristles whenmore cognizant of what professionals of thisable reality for any working adult, but to the she hears how many people todaycertain age bracket expect from their employ- younger professional the ability to enjoy a sig-describe people of a certain ageherers, their colleagues, their job roles, and theirnificant amount of time outside of their work age. Unmotivated. Unreliable. Entitled. Lazy.careers as a whole instead of getting caughtschedule should be achievable. Odds are that These are just some of the less-than-endearingup in the arbitrarily assigned personality traitsthe prospective job candidate today already adjectives that many tend to pin on millen- that have become so commonplace.has an idea of a companys ability to meet this ials, a term that has become a bit of a catch- expectation, not to mention others, well before all moniker for anyone still in their 20s. AskWHATS WANTED being offered a position. When we are looking Cacciola, and shell tell you that not only areTodays younger professionals arent justfor a job, you can assume that a younger per-these negative attributes unfair, theyre unjus- looking for the best job for themselves at thisson has done extensive research on different tified and unreasonable. given point in time, according to Cacciola,places of employment, since it is available at There really is no option to be lazy, saida 25-year-old who graduated from Widenertheir fingertips, Cacciola said. In my gener-Cacciola, a clinical nurse on the progres- University in 2015. Theyre looking for theation, work-life balance is key. Transitioning sive care unit at the Childrens Hospital ofbest of the best jobs that are being offeredfrom a young college student celebrating Philadelphia (CHOP). I can reassure youby what they consider to be the best com- graduation to a nurse is no easy task. Being a that if you have just put yourself through fourpanies that can offer the best working envi- nurse is a serious commitment, but no young years of school, that is certainly not the case.ronments and the most optimal benefits,employee wants to miss out on activities out-Schooling alone takes a lot of hard work andshe said.side of work.dedication. People my age are looking to work at theDont just take her word for it, however. She also assures that anyone in manage- top-rated hospitals that have the most state- Tricia Graff, BSN, RN, nurse manager of the ment whos actively seeking to hire young staffof-the-art technology, Cacciola continued.progressive care unit at CHOP who has held to be a part of their healthcare team should beSomeone will take what they can get for asupervisor and management roles at the facil-ity since 2005, said that younger staff members 18 HEALTHCARE CAREERS|2019| www.elitecme.com'