b'|MANAGEMENTare less likely to be unwilling to compromiseusing it, she said. Young staff are at an advan- and to adapt that makes us successful as lead-their present in the hopes of working their waytage when it comes to technology, and the wayers, Graff said. The ability to understand the into a more desirable role over time. it is incorporated into [educational] programs.younger staff nurse will allow us as healthcare They want to get the most out of life andYoung staff can bring new technological infor- leaders to continually evolve and build stron-their professional careers, said Graff. Theymation and advances into the workplace andger teams moving forward. value work-life balance, but most importantlyhelp educate more-seasoned nurses.When possible, she suggests that employers flexibility of schedules. They will work lessFrom the employers perspective, the impactembrace the need that younger staff members hours if that means they are content. Thisof technology has also benefited overall com- may be looking for more sooner than tradi-has nothing to do with potentially perceivedmunication with younger staffeven totionally expected and that sometimes more laziness and has more to do with being deter- the point that general communication maymight be defined as different or new oppor-mined and unwavering in seeking what theybe more easily had with younger employeestunities. Creativity in employment options and want without consenting to biding their time,despite the general stigma that theorizes thatcollaboration can help to accomplish a reten-Graff said. societys increasing reliance on digital toolstion plan that suits all parties, she said.They are fearless, she continued. Manyhas resulted in a generation of people whoAs a manager, I am committed to helping are currently enrolled in advance practice pro- cannot talk to one another. my employees continually advance their pro-grams to further their career. They are con- Younger staff are technology savvy andfessional development and career, she con-fident as well as achievement-oriented andthrive on multiple forms of communication,tinued. The younger generation values this are always willing to take on new challenges.such as smartphones, email, text messaging,because that is what increases their overall job They are not afraid to ask questions and areand various social media outlets, Graff said.satisfaction. Offering them the opportunity not satisfied with the status quo that is fre- They have the ability to ask questions andto job share with other units or other areas in quently involved in hospital-wide initiativesseek to understand. I feel they have the resil- the hospital has been beneficial and rewarding and committees. iency to be effective in change and be the roleto them, allowing for more options and chal-model to champion change with their peers.lenges. Open lines of communication as well TECHNOLOGY & TIME It is not always easy to influence everyone,transparency of growth opportunities is very Where younger professionals may be lackingbut their ambition and drive will make themimportant.in hands-on experience and tenure, theysuccessful.To that point, Graff said that it absolutely may make up for it in their ability to adaptholds true that part of the initiative on the to continuously evolving and advancing IMPACT ON RECRUITMENT & RETENTION employment side should also be to build staffs technologies, which can open the door toPerception of the positives and negatives thatthat are multigenerational and that promote the earning of certain opportunities thatexist regarding length of stay in ones job anda collaborative mentality. Despite the incli-in years past may have required more timehow that translates into career growth andnation of todays younger professionals to be and working hours in order to qualify. Forvalue to an organization will surely remainmotivated by individually based goals, this has a generation that very may well have knownvaried, but one thing that is increasinglynot led to poor working experiences, gener-their email address before their home addressnot up for debate is the shortening timelineally speaking, to the group dynamic from what and spent more time online growing up thanthat younger staff members give to theirGraff has seen. they did on the streets, the advantages ofcurrent employment positions when otherI feel that todays younger staff are ade-being technologically inclined are evident. enticing options are presented. Youngerquately prepared to work collaboratively Technology is key to their existenceandprofessionals are simply much more likelywith all staff members, she said. Working more is better, Graff said. They are alwaysto move on much sooner than those whovewith multiple generations of nurses brings willing to utilize new forms of technology if itbecome before them.a wealth of knowledge that is beneficial to is beneficial and makes communication easierYounger staff are not content in staying inall who work together in the healthcare [and] the need for advancement and changeone place for years, Graff said. This youngerenvironment.throughout the healthcare system is what pro- generation stays in current roles on averageCacciola agrees. motes growth and career satisfaction. 2-3 years [in my experience] and move on toI think collaborative environments are Tangibly, as it relates to on-the-job perfor- further their own personal desire for careerthe best way to learn. When you combine mance, this earlier exposure to technologyadvancement and learn new areas of interest. seasoned staff with young staff of my gen-has culminated in younger staff bringing newThis places an importance among humaneration, you have the ability to problem technological information and advances intoresources and management staff to anticipatesolve and brainstorm better ideas. You their facilities that allows them to help educatenot only the need to be aware of employmentcan combine different levels of expertise their colleagues who have spent more time intransitions but to attempt to implement ele- for a better outcome.nthe field, according to Cacciola. My educa- ments to their working environments that tion best prepared me by using state-of-the-artwould encourage retention. 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