b'CONFERENCES|Avoiding Predatory Conference InvitationsBeing asked to speak about your profession can be a huge career boost, but its important to realize that not all invites are legitimate. Below are examples from my own experience and tips to avoid the false requests before you start booking flights. By Ersilia Pompilio RN, MSN, PNPB eing asked to present at a healthcarepresent your knowledge at a conference some- in front of a podium showcasing my research, conference is an honor. You get towhere exotic like China, Japan, and Rome. but to whom am I presenting? And what showcase your research, share yourFor example, one email that I received wasexactly is 8th World Congress On Nursing findings with like-minded people and maybefrom 8th World Congress On Nursing &and Healthcare?even teach someone something new. But whatHealthcare. The email opened with: I did remember some of my colleagues happens when its all a scam? Scientific Federation is hosting 8th Worldattending World Congresses On Nursing in Predatory conferences, yes, theyre a thing!Congress on Nursing and healthcare whichexotic locations. They would boast on their Its the dark side of the healthcare conferencewill take place in the beautiful city of DubaiFacebook pages that they were presenting their world. Perhaps youve received an invite orUAE. So, being prominent and proficient inresearch someplace like Turkey, so I would maybe 20 on LinkedIn and Twitter. The invitesNursing and Healthcare we glad to welcomewonder Whats Nursing like in Turkey? How all start off in a similar format with some typeyou as a keynote speaker. do these conferences work? Are there transla-of salutation. Many actually use the word sal- At first glance, the email feeds my ego and Itors? Whos attending?utations followed by a poorly written invite,think about how exciting it would be to pres- I decided to reach out to one of my friends with grammatical errors and a deluge of mis- ent my work in Dubai! I start dreaming of Burjthat had posted on Facebook that she belonged ISTOCKspellings. And yet, here they are inviting you toKhalifa overlooking the Persian Gulf, standingto 100 Nursing Organizations and said that 20 HEALTHCARE CAREERS|2019| www.elitecme.com'