b'CAREER BUILDING|A Career Blueprint 10 Tips for getting the most out of your career at any ageby Steve SobleA t my last conference appearance for a large professional health-care organization I opened a presentation with my quote it does not matter where you are, but rather where you are going! In this article I will endeavor to provide you with the keys to help you move forward in your career no matter what stage you find yourself in today (early, middle or end). Your career growth and satisfaction affects all areas of your life, especially when you factor in the hours you spend working, the hours you spend think-ingaboutISTOCKwhat each day will entail and the impact thatmake adjustments to the way YOU operateand more enthusiastic about what she cur-your career has on your relationships outsideeach day. Can you be a more pleasant personrently does as a critical care nurse because it of the work arena. even when others are not? YES!Can you askprovided a new focus and eventually additional That said, let me congratulate you on havingfor suggestions on how to approach your mostincome that increased her joy and self-esteem. what it takes to keep your present career onpressing daily responsibilities with those onNote that this midcareer catharsis was gener-track. Its not easy and as I always say, profes- your team? YES! Your goal should be to build aated by her own actions and not waiting for sionals are people who can do their job whenrapport with those that can help or guide yousome outside miracle to occur. She probably they dont feel like it, amateurs are people whothe most. Make an effort to seek these peoplewould have prematurely left her career if not cant do their job when they do feel like it, soand generate positive conversations. Ask themfor this and when I asked what her inspiration applaud your efforts as a professional in havingthe question how can I improve in variouswas for writing childrens books, she said she what it takes to not only sustain your career,areas of my job/career?loved the Wizard of Oz and when she felt emo-but to balance your career with the life sur- Can you explore other career options whiletionally fatigued she would whistle the famous rounding it. in your present career? YES! No matter whatsong Follow the Yellow Brick Road. This song Below are a number of thoughts to digestcareer stage you think you are in, there arehappens to be an excellent simile for career and appreciate about moving forward. always other avenues to explore. In a recentgrowth because you may not know where a conversation I had while coaching a healthroad eventually will lead, but it reminds you to 1) YOU DO HAVE CHOICES. care professional about leaving her career, sheenjoy the journey as you go as it WILL even-You are never really stuck. EVERYONE hassaid that she had started to write childrenstually lead you somewhere! Even profession-options at any age when it comes to choosingbooks, her lifelong dream, and that it not onlyals at the beginning of their careers (first ten a new career path. Will it be easy to makeadded new purpose in her life but actuallyyears) can start to generate this type of growth a change? Probably not. To enhance wheretempered her desire to just leave her currentmindset with positive add-ons to enhance you are in terms of career fulfillment, youcareer. your present career.will first need to evaluate what is currentlyOften outside or additional types of work in your control and what is not.different from what you do every day can pro- 2) SHIFT THE SHIFT.For example: Can you truly change the peo- vide a much needed respite from stress andIn healthcare, more than most other career ple around you? No. But you can change orboredom. In this case she said she felt renewedendeavors, work shifts are a factor. If you are 8 HEALTHCARE CAREERS|2019| www.elitecme.com'