b'|CAREER BUILDINGstruggling at work, try changing your workof saying, and its easy to remember because itcircumstance, it might help to try and bal-shift before complaints lead to anger. Yourrhymes! ance monetary needs with needs of your patients, clients and teammates can easilysoul. Some of the truly happiest people I pick up on anger and its a destructive force6) STAY HEALTHY! know have learned to live on exactly what for career fulfillment and growth. BeingWant to move forward each day in yourthey make, especially if they feel their career able to negotiate a shift change can actuallycareer? Stay healthy. If you dont take time forstage is where they want to be. If however, revive your career (whether from 2nd to 1sthealth NOW, you will take time for sicknessyou desire a move to a new or adjunct career or 1st to 3rd) make no mistake about this.later. Health needs change over the years so(a fancy phrase for adding a new job respon-It may take a few weeks to truly feel com- you need to continually develop or sustainsibility that pays more) be sure that you still fortable with the change, but it can prove tohabits that create the health you need to dealhave your soul or that your enjoyment level be worth the effort as new challenges andwith life, emotionally as well as physically. Iremains positive. If you find that you need opportunities can breathe life back into yourtruly believe that emotional health directlyto sacrifice happiness for a bit more money, career. I have seen this work often when Iimpacts physical health. that may not be a sound game plan for you.coach people. In many cases, it was a neededLook for healthy benefits offered by your change no matter the stage of their career.employer and take advantage of them. In9) BE RESUME READYLife changes outside of work (relationships,speaking to health care professionals onContinually tweak your rsum so that on family issues, your health-emotionally andTEAMWORK recently, many were notany given day it is ready to go. You really physically) are all factors that can impact aaware that their hospital actually offered anever know when opportunity will knock need to change shifts and doing so can trulyyoga class that met once a week for six weeksand the last thing you want to do is have to add to the quality of your life. or that they had a walking club! I also encour- totally reinvent your rsum and potentially aged management at another hospital to offerlose your chance. And dont be afraid to 3) TAKE INVENTORY a HUMOR group (contact me for guidelinesbe creative. You would be amazed by the Make a list of what you enjoy about yourin setting one up!) as I have seen this type ofrsums I have seen that seem a bit unorth-career and what you think needs improve- group break down barriers in communicationodox but still received someones attention. ment. If you have too many items listed in theand clear up perceptions of who works harderRemember, all you need is one person who needs improvement column, you really needtoprevent resentment from setting in. Oneis captivated by your rsum that can lead to assess what can be changed or modifiedlocation even instituted an in-house comedyyou down a new path you desire. and what cant so that you have a completeclub where folks could test out their skills as aAlso know that your original degree does perspective on possible next steps. comedian. I attended one of the very first ses- Career Building continued on page 11sions and laughed until I cried. And as we all 4) APPRECIATE YOURSELF know, laughter is the best medicine.Make sure you appreciate everything that you have accomplished in your career DAILY,7) DONT CRY OVER SPILLED MILK!not yearly. Your short-term vision of theCareers, like life, seldom follow a path of mountains you have climbed and the dailycomplete happiness even though we think tasks you have mastered can go a long way.they should. I love the quote you can never It is ok to say to yourself wow, I am reallyhave a better past! Learn to roll with the good at what I do. Your view of yourself iscurveballs your career presents so that you critical for your daily self-preservation andcan become a more fluid person, meaning emotional health as well as your enjoymentyou dont lament things that dont go per-of the work that you do.fectly. You will never enjoy what you actually have or develop the capacity to make the 5) BECOME A LIFE-LONG LEARNER changes you need to make until you learn Continued learning is always a great idea noto let go of the mistakes, miscues and inMedical Laboratory Directormatter what career stage you are in. Even asome cases just plain forgetfulness thatExceptional opportunity for a Lab Director in our busy seemingly healthy plant needs watering soimpact your life and career. You will neverlab in Meeker, CO.Competitive pay, great benefits dont forget to water yourself with immersionbe perfect. Your job is to just be the best youand small-town living.Abundant recreational in classes that enhance your professionalcan be. BONUS THOUGHT: I believe thatopportunities and a great work / life balance.Join us growth or in training classes that add toa need for perfection leads to unnecessaryin our new facility completed June 2015.Apply on your love of life, outside interests or hobbies. self-induced stress. our website atPerhaps a class to fuel whatever entrepre- www.pioneershospital.orgneural dream you have is in order. This can8) MONEY MAY NOT BUY HAPPINESSoccur at any age and at any stage as I am fondYes, money matters but depending on your www.elitecme.com |2019| HEALTHCARE CAREERS 9'