b"LEADERSHIP GUIDE|No Room For Error:2 Contact HoursPromoting MedicationReleased: November 8, 2018Free Nursing CE with code MEDSAFE Expires: November 8, 2021Adrianne E. Avillion, D.Ed., RNFREE CE DISCOUNT CODE MEDSAFEFREE Nursing CE: Redeem online using the discount code MEDSAFE1.Visit Elitecme.com/medication-safety2. Select your state3. Add the course to your cart4. Add discount code MEDSAFE during checkout5.You may need to create an Elite account if one does not exist6.Certificates, evaluations, and tests for this course can be found in your dashboard or by clicking on 'My Courses' Member Note: Elite Nursing Passport Members can simply add the course to their dashboardA ccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionfamilies expect that the provided care will enhance, not impair, the (CDC) (2017a), healthcare providers prescribe 3.7 billionpatients state of wellness. It is a duty as healthcare professionals to drugs annually during patients office visits. The most fre- serve and protect each patient by appreciating the power of each drug quently prescribed drugs are analgesics, antihyperlipidemic agents, andbefore administering any medication to a patient. As a healthcare antidepressants. professional, it is also imperative to understand the legality, respon-Pharmacological advances have led to significant improvementssibility, and accountability every professional has to each patient.in the treatment of many diseases. However, the vast numbers of drugs being prescribed is accompanied by an increased risk of errorTERMS RELATED TO MEDICATION SAFETYand adverse drug reactions. Healthcare providers have access toNathan is a registered nurse who works in the respiratory care unit of more than 10,000 prescription medications (Patent Safety Networka large community hospital. An older adult patient has been admitted (PSNet), 2018). This is a staggering number of available pharmaco- with pneumonia. The patient denies any allergies to medications. Mark logic agents. administers the prescribed intravenous (IV) antibiotic. Within a few Nursing consideration: Research shows that almost 33% ofminutes the patient starts to gasp for air and becomes quite agitated. adults in the United States take five or more medications (PSNet,The patient, who had never received this particular antibiotic, is having 2018). Nurses must be aware of the medications their patients arean anaphylactic reaction to the drug. Is this a medication error?taking and assess patients and families knowledge of their medica- It is important that nurses and other healthcare professionals tion regimens. are consistent in their use of terms related to medication safety. To avoid unintentional harm to patients, healthcare professionalsThese terms must be defined consistently throughout healthcare must understand and abide by the expectations bestowed upon themorganizations.ISTOCKaccording to professional standards and guidelines. Patients andA medication error is an error (of commission or omission) at any 10 LEADERSHIP GUIDE|2020| www.elitecme.com"