b'| LEADERSHIP GUIDEANY PARTICULAR AREAS OF INTERESTWere not having enough of an impact onWHAT ABOUT ADVICE FOR SOMEONE YOUD ENCOURAGE SOMEONE TOpolicymaking in the healthcare ecosystem.JUST COMPLETING AN UNDERGRADUATE PURSUE? I always encourage young nurses to under- PROGRAM? ANY WORDS OF WISDOM From where I sit today, one of the things Istand business principles and get involvedYOUD SHARE WITH THEM?would encourage new nurses to do is to getin policy. Olson: Make sure you move outside of your involved with understanding the business sidecomfort zone. Its too easy to stay in an area of healthcare. As new graduate nurses, wereHAVE YOU DONE ANY TEACHINGwhere you feel safe, protectedI did a number trained very well on how to care for patientsYOURSELF? of nursing rotations everywhere from a max- technology, hospital equipment, adminis- Olson: No, Ive done some lectures atimum-security prison to the Wisconsin State tering medicationsbut we often dont learnUW-Madison and at Edgewood CollegeSenate. Moving outside of the normal health-enough about the business side. Throughout(also in Madison, WI) for nurses, and Icare setting was crucial to my professional my graduate education, I often found myselfused to do some editing as well. But I hav- development.reminding people that medications costent actually written a continuing educationAlso, be open and be curious. I think curi-money, healthcare and hospitals cost money. module. As Ive said, I enjoy policy, nurs- osity is so criticallean in, speak, up, and We (nurses) are focused on the patient anding leadership and advancement, and Ivedont be afraid to ask questions. Put yourself best possible care, but we also have to real- started to dig into learning about humanout there.nize theres a cost to that care. I think under- trafficking, which is a major focus for the standing what it takes to run a business is anAmerican Nurses Association (ANA). At- Rob Senior has more than 15 years of expe-area where we could increase our focus. the state level, we are trying to learn whatrience covering, writing and editing indus-Also, political activismnurses are thenurses know about human trafficking andtry news and content specific to the healthcare largest body in the healthcare workforce, yetwhat gaps there are in the healthcare sys- community and more than 10 years working for were poorly represented among boards andtem that can facilitate ending this horrificADVANCE Healthcare Network. Rob Senior can institutional executive leadership positions.practice. be reached directly at rsenior@advanceweb.com.DOCTOR OFPHYSICAL THERAPYnWeekend, three-year, on-campus formatn95 credit hoursnClasses start every Mayn30 weeks of full-time clinical educationexperiences requiredLEARN MORE AT: Daniel Luczka 16www.neumann.edu/DPTAston, PAPASKILL STAPLETON & LORD www.elitecme.com |2020| LEADERSHIP GUIDE 25Date:1.15.20Client:Neumann UniversityContact:Steve Bell Job:20-NEUMAN-0200Publication:Size:7.375 x 4.7'