b'| LEADERSHIP GUIDEInternal vs.External HiresResearch supports promoting from withinErsilia Pompilio RN, MSN, PNPE lizabeth had been a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner working at astate. The new hire had been a nurse practitioner for one year. Though world-renowned Pediatric Hospital in a metropolitan area. Sheshe had intensive care experience as a registered nurse, she also had no was employed in the Pediatric outpatient and follow-up depart- palliative care experience. ments for the past two years. Elizabeth had been a nurse practitionerElizabeth was left distraught and dumbfounded. She later encoun-for the past five years and had taught Pediatrics at several local univer- tered the nurse practitioners who worked in palliative care in the hos-sities. She loved working for the organization and often volunteered,pital cafeteria. They initially shied away from making eye contact with giving lectures within the organization, serving on hospital commit- her and tried to ignore her as she approached them. Elizabeth awk-tees, and even participating in the hospitals triathlon team to raisewardly made small talk with the team and asked why she was passed money for cancer research.over for the palliative care position. Elizabeth believed in the hospitals mission and raved to all herOne of the palliative care nurse practitioners begrudgingly replied, friends on how much fun she had daily at work! Although she loved herWe really liked you and wanted you to join our team! Even the medical job, her colleagues and manager, she wanted to pursue a more chal- director was incredibly impressed with your achievements. In the end, lenging role within the same organization.the decision was not up to us, but up to the DON. Feeling disempow-A new position had opened up. It was in Pediatric Palliative Care, aered, this prompted Elizabeth to start looking outside of the organiza-new department within the organization. Elizabeth had made friendstion for a new position. with a few of the nurse practitioners working within the department. They encouraged her to apply for the new role and stated she would beTHE EMPLOYEE THAT WAS REFUSEDa perfect fit. She had spoken to the Medical Director of the departmentWorking in a hospital organization can sometimes seem like youre and he also encouraged her to apply.working for the Mafia. You land your dream job at a prestigious hospi-After several interviews with the team, Elizabeth felt fairly confidenttal. You got the interview because your paisan, who owed you a favor, she had nailed the position. One day she was called into the Director ofopened a door. However, word on the street on how to get a promotion Nursings (DON) office for a meeting. Elizabeth was notified that sheto elevate your career is all about who you know. was passed over for the position. The DON went on to say the reasonIts scripted like your typical Hollywood mob movie that only Elizabeth was passed over for the palliative care position was becauseCoppola or Scorsese could direct. Historically, hospitals have been hier-she had no palliative care experience. The team decided to hire a morearchical, top-down authoritative structures with oppressive rules and qualified candidate.regulations for conduct, behavior, scheduling, dress, clinical practice, Later, Elizabeth found out that the job went to an external candi- and attendance. These negative practices create a culture of distrust and ISTOCKdate, a pediatric nurse practitioner, who had moved from a differenterode morale among nurses and hospital personnel in general. www.elitecme.com |2020| LEADERSHIP GUIDE 29'