b"LEADERSHIP GUIDE| Historically, hospitals have been hierarchical, nant with twins six months into her position top-down authoritative structures with oppressiveand had to resign. One can only speculate as to why the DON made her executive decision rules and regulations for conduct, behavior, scheduling,on hiring a newbie. Perhaps she took a gam-ble that eventually ended in the loss of two dress, clinical practice, and attendance. These negativeemployees along with fiscal costs acquired spent in hiring and training. practices create a culture of distrust and erode moraleTheres evidence that toxic leadership leads among nurses and hospital personnel in general.to burnout. It also leads to poor patient out-comes. Its killing our organizations and kill-ing the nursing profession, states Dr. Dan Leaders create the culture of the hospitalpromotion almost eliminates the cost ofWeberg, expert in nursing healthcare inno-organization. Most healthcare profession- hire, currently at $4,000 per role. On thevation, and head of clinical innovation and als who leave their jobs dont feel valued orother hand, it costs 35 percent more perTrusted Health. appreciated. The main focus of healthcarenew employee for similar performance. In the end, there are no guarantees. Based on leaders should be to nurture their employees,Builds And Sustains Culture. Hiringthe research, theres greater impact on hiring empowering them to be good leaders them- from within empowers employees, whichfrom within an organization. Empowering and selves, increasing their sustainability withinsustains culture within the organization.promoting internal nurses and healthcare staff the organization.Learning Curve. When employees areis key. Healthcare organizations need to train hired from within, they already have atheir leadership staff on being good leaders and THE IMPORTANCE OF HIRING FROMknowledge base of the basics: how theescaping the toxic mentality when it comes to WITHIN (I.E. KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY) organization runs, computer technology,hiring staff. They need to be sly when it comes to Employee turnover is a key metric and per- and who to call for help. They have roomhiring and put their emotions aside. The benefit formance indicator when evaluating the fiscalto build on their skillset.of the organization needs to be put first as well and operational effectiveness of any healthcareHigher Retention Rates. Internallysince it will be reflected in better patient care. nfacility. Promoting from within boosts moralepromoted employees are 60 percent and helps keep productivity high. Jim Collins,more likely to stay with an organiza- Ersilia Pompilio RN, MSN, PNP is a Pediatric author of Good to Great, is credited with coin- tion, while external hires are 61 percentNurse Practitioner, and CEO of Rogue Nurse ing the comment get the right people on themore likely to quit or be laid off. WhatsMedia 501c3. She hosts and produces Nurses bus. If you want to promote from within, youmore, Bidwells studies found that exter- and Hypochondriacs Podcasts where she brings need a pool of well-qualified talent from whichnal hires have a 21 percent higher hazardtogether Nurse Experts, Storytellers, Comedians, to choose. Creating that pool starts with therate of voluntary exit. Actors and Activists to talk about hot topics in hiring process. Set high standards and spendhealth care. She's a freelance writer/ blogger and all the time necessary to find the right people. WHY HIRE A NEWBIE? teaches writing to healthcare professionals.Employees who are promoted from withinHiring from within brings many benefits to are more likely to have a good understandingthe organization. At the same time, hiringADDITIONAL RESOURCES ON THIS of the organization, its history and core val- new personnel has numerous advantages: TOPICS: ues. They should have a solid network of col- Theres no need to pay for bonuses,https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/legial relationships within the organization.leave/holiday pay, or other benefits toarticles/PMC5593234/Employees who are promoted from withinoutgoing staff. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/are also more likely to have a mentor in theNew hires are paid less in terms of basefull/10.1177/2377960817697712upper levels of management who can steerpay, and overtime rates compared to reg- https://work.chron.com/advantages-pro-them through the potential pitfalls of a newular employees. motion-within-6320.htmlposition and promote the success of both theStaff members with poor performancehttps://www.nursingcenter.com/jour-individual and the organization. can be replaced with fresh talent who arenalarticle?Article_ID=423373&Journal_often very motivated, creative, innova- ID=54021&Issue_ID=423368THE BENEFITStive and can bring new ideas to the table. https://candidaterewards.com/find-Fiscal Concerns. Recruiting, training,ing-a-balance-between-promoting-in-salaries plus benefits all bring healthcareITS JUST BUSINESS ternally-and-hiring-fresh-talent/organizations enormous costs. StudiesElizabeth left the organization to pursue otherhttps://faculty.wharton.upenn.edu/by University of Pennsylvania profes- career interests. She later found out throughwp-content/uploads/2012/03/Paying_sor Matthew Bidwell show that internala friend that the newbie hire became preg- More_ASQ_edits_FINAL.pdf30 LEADERSHIP GUIDE|2020| www.elitecme.com"