b'| LEADERSHIP GUIDELeadership in Magnet HospitalsHow to meet the necessary requirements By Krystina Ostermeyer RN, BSN, CDEO ver the past 25 or so years, MagnetNurse.org states, Other studies discov- masters degree does not necessarily need to Hospitals have become quite theered that nurse safety is significantly better atbe in nursing, as long as a bachelors degree thing in healthcare.Magnet facilities, including fewer cases of mus- in nursing has been obtained in addition to a As healthcare workers, we all know a lit- culoskeletal injuries and needle-stick incidents,masters degree in a related field.tle bit about Magnet hospitals, but if we dontand that patients with hip fractures were lessMagnet designation does not specifically work in one, the mystery of the Magnet hospi- likely to develop pressure ulcers or to fall. require that a BSN for direct care nurses. tal is a bit elusive. In an industry that is always worried aboutHowever, in a typical Magnet facility, almost The American Nurses Credentialing Centerthe bottom line, a study that was fundedhalf of its nurses hold a BSN48.4%, although (ANCC) created the Magnet Recognitionby the Robert Wood Johnson FoundationsBSN programs graduate only one-third of Program in 1993. In order to obtain MagnetInterdisciplinary Nursing Quality Researchthe RN workforce. Because more and more recognition, a hospital must demonstrate theInitiative found that the money that wasfacilities are opting to hire nurses with a BSN following: invested in to obtaining Magnet status wasdegree, many nurses are going back to school Improved patient satisfaction quickly earned back: Net patient revenueto obtain their BSN.Lower RN turnover rates and vacancies increased on average by 3.89 percent com-A higher percentage of satisfied regis- pared to non-Magnet Hospitals, while costsBENEFITS OF WORKING IN A MAGNET tered nurses increased only by 2.46 percent. HOSPITALGreater nursing autonomy According to various online sources, many MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS nurses enjoy working in a Magnet hospital. MAGNET HOSPITALS, BY THE NUMBERS There are strict requirements for manage- Why? A 2011 study indicated that these hospitals A recent Gallup survey found that the aver- ment and leadership roles that must behave safer staffing ratios, more educated staff, age Magnet facility has approximately 7.1%obtained prior to obtaining Magnetas welland nurses who are satisfied with their work.fewer safety-related incidents, as well as loweras maintained after Magnet status is achieved. Aubrey Richardson, an RN at NYU Langone RN workplace injuries and rates of blood andAll nurse leaders, ranging from nurse man- Hospital, told Rasmussen College, I enjoy work-fluid exposure. ager to chief nursing officer (CNO), must holding here because Magnet ensures a safe patient The same Gallup survey found that nursesa bachelors degree in nursing, at a minimum.ratio. On the postpartum floor where I work, we in Magnet facilities had higher rates of job sat- In addition, management positions in nursinghave three mother-baby sets to one nurse. This is isfaction and were more likely to remain inmust be held by nurses, with managers avail- a lot higher at other NYC hospitals. their positions, with approximately 1.7% lessable around-the-clock. She also noted that her facility values edu-ISTOCKjob turnover than non-Magnet hospitals. The CNO must have a masters degree. Thecation and is offered various opportunities www.elitecme.com |2020| LEADERSHIP GUIDE 31'