b'| LEADERSHIP GUIDE After completing my LPN certification, I began working the night shift at my local hospital. It didnt take me long to figure out that I had wanted to be an RN for a reasonI wanted more from my career.trained for entry-level nursing jobs. enrolling in a college.AN ADN-trained nurse is trainedFirst, you should pull out a journal or a highly in clinical skills; much of theirblank piece of paper. Spend five minutes schooling is based in the clinical set- journaling about where you see yourself in ting, meaning that these nurses likelyfive years, in ten years.have excellent clinical skills right outNow that youve done that, its time to of school. make a list. Write down that five- or 10-year An ADN program is typically lessgoal on top of the paper. Write down every-expensive. It is an attractive optionthing youll need to do to make that goal to students who need to be done withhappen. Will an ADN program allow you to nursing school quickly or have financialachieve that goal? Maybe you know youve concerns. It is also a great way to gainalways wanted to work as an ICU nurse or experience first, then go back for a BSNan ER nurse to gain experience, eventually later. becoming a flight nurseyouve researched, BSN degree: and critical care experience coupled with A Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN)an ADN may be sufficient to work with that is typically a four-year degree, as are othercoveted company. Thats great! You may bachelors degree programs. The end resulthave made your decision.of the program allows the nursing student toMaybe you know that youll eventually sit for the NCLEX-RN and eventually applywant to work in clinical documentation, for an RN job. assessing patient records or in nursing infor-BSN-trained nurses attend school formatics. You know that youll likely need a a longer duration of time; though theyBSN.have more training in other competen- Before making any final decisions, you ONWARD AGAIN, TOWARDS MY BSN.cies, such as management, research,should research your area and facility; Eventually, I graduated with my BSN. Iand leadership, research indicates thatthere are some facilities that may require an earned my first nursing certification at 21having more BSN-trained nurses in aADN. In addition, some states, such as New and finally got my BSN when I was almosthospital is associated with a reductionYork, will require a BSN. New York recently 30and now hold three different nursingin patient mortality. passed BSN in 10 legislation, meaning that certifications or degrees (and a lot of debt toRNs with a BSN may initially earn theADN-trained nurses will need to earn their go along with it!) same salary as an RN with an ADN,BSN within a specific timeframe.but likely will earn more during theirNow, get to work!nSO, HOW IMPORTANT IS A BSN? lifetime.ADN versus BSN BSN-trained nurses also have clin- RESOURCESAs it turns out, this has been a debate inical training, but also have education1. ADN and BSN nursing pathways: what the nursing community for years. Heres ain nursing research, leadership, andare the differences? (n.d.). Retrieved from look at the differences in the degrees: management. Because of this train- NursingLicensure.org website: https://ADN degree: ing, a BSN-trained nurse is eligiblewww.nursinglicensure.org/articles/adn-An Associates Degree of Nursing (ADN)for positions that are potentially morevs-bsn.htmlis typically a two-year program, as are mostspecialized. 2. ADN vs BSN debate: these are the real associates degree programs. The end resultdifferences between ADN and BSN of the program allows the nursing student toTHINKING ABOUT GETTING YOUR RN? prepared nurses. (2017, January 31). sit for the NCLEX-RN and eventually applyIf youre thinking about getting your RN, IRetrieved from Nightingale College for an RN job. encourage you to think carefully about whatwebsite: https://nightingale.edu/blog/An ADN-trained nurse is adequatelytype of education you are seeking beforeadn-vs-bsn-differences/www.elitecme.com |2020| LEADERSHIP GUIDE 9'