b'SELF-CARE GUIDE|relaxed; this reduces tension and promotesImproved stress management skills to meditating newbies.There are also relaxation. Increased self-awareness many short meditations.Cost - $70/Body scan meditation is often used beforeImproved emotional well-being year.bed or to relieve stress. Improved memory Calm.Better for meditators experience, Better emotional intelligence Calm offers plenty of individual medita-LOVING-KINDNESS MEDITATION Greater empathytowards yourself andtions, has ambient music, and breathing Loving-kindness meditation promotes com- to others visualization.Cost - $70/year.passion and kindness and is especially helpful10% Happier.Though the app has less for those who harbor anger and resentment. TRY IT! features than Headspace and Calm, users This type of meditation involves meditatingIt may seem like meditating is hardbut itcould chat with meditation instructors, on kindness to ourselves, then sending that kind- does not have to be! who answer questions within one day. ness and well wishes out into the world.to ourYou can start slowlyset a schedule ofCost - $69.99/year or $399.99/lifetime loved ones, acquaintances, and all living beings. meditating at the same time each day andmembership.meditate for five to 10 minutes.StartingInsight Timer.Though there is a paid HEALTH BENEFITS slowly allows you to work yourself up to lon- version that offers access to courses, the Research indicates that meditation has a myr- ger sessions. free version offers over 45,000 medita-iad of health benefitsphysiological andI also suggest being comfortable.Sometions.This app allows you to search by psychological. people prefer to meditate sitting in alength and need.You can also chat with Physiological benefits includechair, while others like to sit on a yoga matother users. Costfree.Lowered state of physical arousal with a blanket or bolster under their bot- Simple Habit.This app offers a vari-A reduction in respiratory rate tom.My personal preference is to lie in myety of targeted meditations that are Decreased heart rate bed.Whatever you domake sure you areextremely easy to locate.The premium Lowered stress comfortable! membership allows users to access Changes in brain waves Sound intimidating?Guess whatthere iscontent offline.Cost - $89.99/year or Headache relief an app for that! $299.99/lifetime membership.Improved immunity Headspace.This app offers a variety Psychological benefits includeof courses, which is especially helpfulRESOURCESBertone, H. J. (2020, October 2). Which Type of Meditation is Right for Me? Healthline. https://www.health-line.com/health/mental-health/types-of-meditation#benefitsCherry, K. (2020, September 1). How Meditation Impacts Your Mind and Body. Verywell Mind. https://www.verywell-mind.com/what-is-meditation-2795927Lagasse, J. (2020, December 8). Healthcare workers experiencing burn-out, stress due to COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare Finance News. https://www.healthcarefinancenews.com/news/healthcare-workers-experiencing-burn-out-stress-due-covid-19-pandemicMigala, J. (2021, February 10). 7 Meditation Apps to Try in 2021. Verywell Mind. https://www.verywellmind.com/best-meditation-apps-4767322Regan, S. (2020, July 14). Heres What The Om Symbol Really Means & How To Use It Respectfully. Mindbodygreen. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/what-does-the-om-symbol-mean10 SELF-CARE GUIDE |2021| www.elitecme.com'