b'SELF-CARE GUIDE|but if team member priorities are not prop- Creative delegation projects to be funded, at least partially, through erly synchronized, project deadlines canInnovative meeting management the savings of current productivity projects.be missedand as a result, organizationalCommunication efficiency This concept can be implemented in File Specificationsinfighting can counteract all previous pro- Personal/Managerial Productivity three ways. First, if you require a portion of ductivity gains. Time management all projects, say 10%, to be funded by pro- Savings + Simplicity + SecurityRevision Date: 5-7-21Capability-based task prioritizationductivity savings, you drive efficiency into Revision phase: 1ASSTEP 3: SUPPORTIVE CULTURE Organizational Productivity existing processes while still providing nec- It all addsFV Job #: BRX124ZAs people have personalities, organizationsOngoing process improvement essary funding for new initiatives. In effect, Wrike Job #: MKT018have cultures. Some people are open toAsset reusethis forces managers to continue to search change and some are not. Some organiza- Knowledge storage and transfer for organizational efficiencies within their Publication: Elite Healthcaretions embrace change as a catalyst for futureexisting operations and not just incremen-Placement Size: Full Pagegrowth and profitability and some do not.STEP 5: MEASUREMENT tally chase funding for the next hot proj-Trim Size: 8.5 x 11Increasing productivity requires change. IfProductivity projects should be measuredect. Second, it can be used as a way to fund your organization views the ability to changenot only by the amount of time, money andprojects aper type: Digital Edition uas an important business attribute, ongoingresources they save, but also the organiza- reason Pthat are proposed after departmen- p with tal budgets have been finalized. This gives Color Values/printing: productivity improvement can be the statustional benefits they generate. This step in themanagers a way to self-fund newly arising Bleed: .125quo. If your company is set in its ways, refusesProductivity Pyramid defines the opportu- department activities. Lastly, if for business to streamline its processes and shuns innova- nity cost that would not have been possi- Live area: .5s your organization must keep spend-tion, your productivity initiatives are unlikelyble without productivity gains. This realizeding flat, this technique can be used as a way Spec Sheet provided? noto gain traction. opportunity cost is the true benefit ofof funding new projects without increasing STEP 4: AMPLIFICATION enhanced productivity. your overall budget.BerxiAmplification is the implementation of eightSTEP 6: PRODUCTIVITY-DRIVENSTEP 7: REITERATIVEspecific productivity amplifiers. AmplificationREINVESTMENT As organizations mature, one of the key factors refers to projects that have the specific goal ofProductivity-driven reinvestment is an exten- that drive their scale and profitability is their enhancing organizational effectiveness. Thesesion and application of the productivityability to efficiently and flawlessly perform the eight productivity amplifiers are: measurement process. Simply put, it forcessame task repeatedly. Regarding productivity Interactive Productivity organizational efficiency by requiring futureenhancement, even though each project may take very different formssuch as time man-agement, email reduction and meeting effec- Get a professional liability insurance quotetivenessthe overall process by which theseand check our math at berxi.com.initiatives are planned, approved, delivered and measured should be as consistent as possible. The ability to drive uniformity into the productivity improvement process will allow you to reap greater short term savings, as well as provide an ongoing framework that will help assure long term sustainabil-ity and maximized cost savings.By climbing each of the seven steps on the Productivity Pyramid, you put your company in a position to reap a windfall of enhanced productivity. The question then becomes: How can you use the newly found time, money and resources that this produc-tivity provides?Eric P. Bloom is the president and founder of Manager Mechanics LLCBERXI IS PART OFBERKSHIRE HATHAWAY SPECIALTY INSURANCE COMPANY(www.MrProductivity.com) and author of Productivity Driven Success: Hidden Secrets Copyright 2021. The information contained herein is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any product or service. Any description set forth herein does not include all of Organizational Efficiency.policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Please refer to the actual policy for complete details of coverage and exclusions. All policies are underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, 1 Lincoln Street, 23rd Floor, Boston, MA 02111. 12 SELF-CARE GUIDE |2021| www.elitecme.comNot available in all states.'