b'| SELF-CARE GUIDEUnderstanding Self-Care Healthy Tips To Reduce StressAnd Have More Fun In LifeBy Ersilia Pompilio RN, MSN,PNPL ove yourself first, and everythingof self-care are ambiguous and therefore didEXPRESSING YOUR CREATIVE SIDEelse falls in line. You really havenot prioritize their own self-care needs. WhenI see the world through the eyes of a poet, to love yourself to get anythingit comes to self-care, a recent Harris PollLynn Kincanon added when she was asked done in this world. -Lucille Ball reported that self-care isnt a priority for con- about her self-care routine of writing poetry. Nurses are probably the worst when itsumers because 44 percent believe self-care isLynn has been writing one poem a day on her comes to taking care of themselves and theonly possible for people with enough time.Facebook page for the last 4 years. Covid-19 pandemic magnified how import- So what can you do to practice real Self- Expressing your creative side is about feed-ant self-care regimens and routines are forCare? Below is a list of healthy and creative tips. ing your soul. Start writing in a journal, take a nurses in order to avoid burnout. In 2019 thestorytelling or poetry class. Whip out a paint American Nurses Association published theTAKING SMALL STEPS TO SELF-CARE brush and some paints and paint something Health Work Appraisal study and found 86Initiating a self-care routine into your dailyugly. Youll probably start feeling something percent of nurses put their patients health,life can be overwhelming when youve beenwarm and fuzzy inside. Dont worry, thats just safety, and wellness before their own.neglecting yourself. The best thing to do is toyour soul waking up and saying thank you!take small steps when initiating a new self-care SELF-CARE IS OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD routine. Take 10-15 minutes out of your dayCONSCIOUS POSITIVE SELF TALKSome consider binge-watching continuousand do something for you. For example, wakeToo often you may speak to yourself in a neg-episodes of whatever is on Netflix to be a formup 10-15 minutes earlier and meditate, indulgeative way. Unconscious self-talk, believe it or of brain anesthesia where you are transportedin a facial, start journaling or enjoy coloring innot has a negative effect on your subconscious. into a different reality. Some may over exercisea coloring book. Practice these techniques forYou are programing your mind to put yourself or perhaps take running breaks during theirone week and see how you feel.down in a negative way. lunch time and consider it a form of self-care.Important things to consider when you are Overworked and burned out nurses usuallySAYING NO assessing your own self-talk are: consider overindulging in food, alcohol andNurses are always pushed to their limits andHow do you talk to yourself during a dif-social media as part of their self-care routinesay yes when they really want to say no. Inficult situation or when youve made a and even self-improvement often gets mis- the poem I should have said no, publishedmistake? taken for self-care. However, self-care is reallyin the literary journal Pulse, author LynnAre you kind and understanding? about allowing yourself to have a nurturingKincanon, a retired Nurse Practitioner out- Do you talk to yourself as you would talk experience and not just numbing the senses.lines the various times she said yes when sheto a good friend who is upset, or are you should have said no during her career as ancritical and judgmental? SO WHAT IS SELF-CARE? ER nurse and Nurse Practitioner. Beth wasStudies show that harsh self-talk and The Oxford dictionary defines self-care as theinspired to write the poem after reading anself-criticism activates the sympathetic practice of taking an active role in protectingarticle about nurses and healthcare workersnervous system that stimulates the stress ones own well-being and happiness, in partic- suffering from burn out in the height of theresponse, which is harmful to our mental ular during periods of stress . COVID-19 pandemic.health and wellbeing.Nurse theorist Dorthea Orem describesWhen being asked to do something like self-care as the practices that the individu- work overtime on your day off, before answer- NURTURE YOUR SPARKals initiate and perform to maintain their life,ing immediately, take a day to think about it orFinding that thing that makes you happy health and wellbeing.sleep on it before giving your final answer. Withto be alive and gives you that happy glow A study published in the Journal ofsome inner time to process how you are feelingis called your spark. For some, its taking International Nursing Science in 2020, discov- and what you really need, you will come up with10-15 minutes to meditate or breath in the ISTOCKered that healthcare professionals definitionsthe right answer that puts focus on your needs. mornings, or spending alone time with a www.elitecme.com |2021| SELF-CARE GUIDE 15'