b'COVID-19Help for todayHope for tomorrowDuring this National Nurses Month, we recognize more than ever the vital importance of your health and wellnessto you, your family, and your patients. Thats why weve created a FREE education experiencefor nurses to help you recognize the impact of COVID-19 on your personal and professional well-being and learn ways to restore your nursing spirit.FIND HELPFIND HOPEin video-based learning with experts, valuable resources, and inspiring ideasCumulative Grief Moral Distress Moral Resilencewith Lillie Shockney,with Christine Mitchell, with Cynda Hylton Rushton,MAS, RN RN, MS, MGTS, FAAN PhD, RN, FAANand more at HopeforNursing.comSupported by The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action, an initiative of AARP Foundation, AARP, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation'