b'SELF-CARE GUIDE|moderation) for their caffeine; and walnuts forrun for the time being, which in essence robsSometimes we think we need big chunks their protein and healthy fats. us of physical exercise that could tend to hap- of time to fully engage ourselves, however As Nicole Lamb, MSN, RN, CNM,pen without us really noticing. The need toshort daily practice will do more for your observes, weve recently entered spring, whichinitiate exercise into our routines has becomedaily well-being than getting away from brings leafy greens and sprouts into season.that much more important. At the same time,it all, Lamb said. Exercises that work on These veggies are packed with nutrients suchour brains tend to be on the go more now,breathing can also help in the event of a panic as folate and glutathione [an antioxidant], shewhat with the stressors of the pandemic and,attack, which can be more likely during the said. Also, pay attention to making sure youyes, that reliance on technology.pandemic. get enough magnesium, which calms the ner- We can integrate physical activity with vous system, along with omega 3 fats, whichmental relaxation through such activities asINDIVIDUALIZED APPROACHdecrease inflammation and have been highfocused breathing, body scanning, yoga, tai chi,Silvi Saxena, MBA, MSW, LSW, CCTP, OSW-on my list. and qigong, Harvard researchers also advise. 3 C, a licensed social worker and certified clin-A nurse who serves as a coach for healthFrom an exercise standpoint, one of theical trauma professional, says that self-care and wellness at Nightingale College in Saltbenefits of technology today has become theis really an individualistic concept, espe-Lake City, UT, Lamb said the pandemic hastrend in riding peloton bikes at home. Thesecially among healthcare providers. For some, encouraged her to pick up her A-game inbikes virtually replicate the experience andself-care can look like time off or away from self-care. First, I am making sure to feedcompetitive nature of cycling in stationarywork, or people, all together, said Saxena, myself and my family well, she continued.fashion with digital screens and can enhancewho has a background in healthcare-related While taking vitamins can be helpful, get- the at-home experience while perhaps moti- employee wellness and supporting provid-ting nutrients from whole-food sources worksvating the rider to use more energy. Theseers so that they can provide the best care for better for the body. Scheduling in yoga, med- bikes also feature low-impact rides that cantheir patients. Getting alone time that isnt a itation, breathing, and stretching daily helpshelp with unwinding mentally and burn calo- result of social distancing or isolation is really calm the nervous system, decreases inflam- ries at the same time. There are also rides thatimportant. Self-care can also look like recon-mation, improves joy, and gratitude. are brief for those whose schedules may suitnecting with loved ones. It can look like seek-workouts that are in shorter duration, per- ing mental healthcare. It can look like doing RELAXATION EXERCISEShaps multiple times per day, as opposed to onesomething in your field that brings you joy. We may not be so much physically on thelengthy workout.Surrounding oneself with loved ones is really important to ensure our own cups are full.For healthcare providers, the demand for providers is at an all-time high, she con-tinued. Its crucial for providers to ensure they are caring for themselves with the same enthusiasm.Happy NationalREFERENCES1. Maer BA. The Mental Health Effects of Nurses Month! Being Constantly Online. Healthline. 2020. Accessed online: www.healthline.com/health/the-mental-health-effects-of-being-constantly-online#Screen-time-and-depression2. Foodslinkedtobetterbrain-Save 25%power. Harvard Health Publishing. 2017. Accessed online: www.health.on Nursing Passport Membership harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/foods-linked-to-better-brainpower3. Six relaxation techniques to reduce stress. Harvard Health Publishing. Use promo code NURSES25 at checkout. 2019. Accessed online: www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/six-relaxation-techniques-to-reduce-stress6 SELF-CARE GUIDE |2021| www.elitecme.com'