b'| SELF-CARE GUIDEMeditation for Healthcare WorkersIt may seem like meditating is hardbut it does not have to be!By Krystina Ostermeyer RN, BSN, CDCESA dmit it. You are stressed. So am I.and 1970s.Now it is widely used to help peo- you can bring in external influences to help Sigh. ple cope with stress, anxiety, depression, andfocus your attention.We risk being exposed to COVID- other mental health conditions. An easy way to begin the practice of 19 daily, whether we are at work or runningAccording to Verywell Mind, meditationfocused meditation is to light a candle and an errand.When we head to our workplaces,is defined as, a set of techniques that arefocus on the flame; when your thoughts wan-we spend our days in N95 masks and eye pro- intended to encourage a heightened state ofder, acknowledge this and refocus.tection, even when we are not working withawareness and focused attention. Meditation COVID-19 patients. is also a consciousness-changing techniqueMANTRA MEDITATIONIn late 2020, Mental Health Americathat has been shown to have a wide number ofMantra meditation is prevalent in Buddhist (MHA) surveyed over 1,000 healthcare work- benefits on psychological well-being. and Hindu traditions and what we often think ers.The results indicated that we have aof when we think of meditation.problemBUT I DONT WANT TO CHANT OM This type of meditation involves chanting a 93% were experiencing stress Meditation does not have to include chant- word, phrase, or sound.For example, om is 86% were experiencing anxiety ing.In fact, the only time I chant om is in aoften used as a mantra.Om or aum is popu-77% were frustrated yoga class.In my own personal practice, I uselar in mantra meditation because it is thought 76% felt exhausted and burned out a variety of meditation types. of as the first word in the universe.Vasavi 75% said they were overwhelmed Kumar, LMSW, MSEd, and an RYT yoga Without being super annoying and preachy,MINDFULNESS MEDITATION teacher, states, The A represents creation, U I want to share something that helps me everyOriginating from Buddhism, mindfulnessis manifestation, and M is destruction.Its day. Meditation! meditation is the most popular type of prac- basically all-encompassingthe whole uni-tice in the United States. verse joined into a single sound. It represents WHAT IS MEDITATION? Mindfulness meditation involves payingthe union of the mind, body, and the spirit.Meditation is a practice that has been aroundattention to your thoughts as they enter yourMantra meditation could be the best for thousands of years.Nearly all major reli- mind.Non Judgment is practicedyou sim- option for some people since focusing on a gionsChristianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism,ply observe the thoughts. single word may be easier, especially if you do and Hinduismuse meditative practices.Mindfulness meditations often involvenot enjoy silence.However, meditation is not used just in a reli- breathwork.gious context.It can be used as a psychother- PROGRESSIVE MEDITATIONapeutic practice, as well as a spiritual practice. FOCUSED MEDITATION Progressive meditation is also called body Though the meditation practice has beenThis type of meditation involves using any ofscan meditation because it involves focusing around for thousands of years, it becamethe five senses.For example, you can focuson one body part at a time.ISTOCKmainstream in the United States in the 1960son something internal, like your breath, orOften, the muscles are contracted and www.elitecme.com |2021| SELF-CARE GUIDE 9'